What we do

The Elms is registered to receive and care for 25 elderly residents, male or female, with physical or mental frailty or disability, according to an individual assessment of their particular needs. All our residents are Christian ladies and gentlemen, who seek to benefit from spiritual as well as physical care in their last years.


The Elms has close links with a local GP who visits regularly, as do district nurses, dentists, dental hygienist, chiropodist, podiatrist, nutritionist, speech therapist and physiotherapist. Residents also have access to hairdressing, manicure and . (The Care Manager can provide details of current charges). We have regular classes for gentle exercise, and games and creative pursuits are provided according to the residents’ tastes. A mobile library visit. Christian worship takes place regularly. Residents’ meetings with Care Management staff take place about every three months so that any issues can be raised.

Care planning

Each individual resident has their own plan of care, drawn up by the care staff, which aims to take full account of the person’s history and personality, and their personal needs and preferences. We involve the resident (or the family or the resident’s representative) in making the care plan, and the resident signs it. The plan is reviewed approximately every month.


There are regular fire and electrical inspections. There are self-closing fire doors in the home and staff are trained in fire safety. Staff are trained appropriately to maintain hygiene and prevent cross-infection. One of the members of the board of trustees carries out an inspection every month, which includes discussing with the residents any issues that are concerning them.