Mrs V. Barrell (84 years of age)

I have been at The Elms for one year. I have been looked after very well.The staff are very caring. I feel that I am here in the goodness of the Lord, and that he has gone before me. When Susan talks to me it makes me feel good because she talks as though she has got everything under control. Hyacinth makes me feel all is well and that I am being cared for. Recently we had a lovely outing to Kew Gardens last week I had to go to hospital because I had a small Stroke. All I wanted was to get back to The Elms as quickly as possible. My time in hospital has made me appreciate being at The Elms more than ever

Mrs Florence Green (93 years of age)

I have been in The Elms now for five Months and have been very happy and enjoyed every minute. The staff you cannot fault they really made me feel welcome and treat me like part of the family The meals are very nice my favourite being my Porridge and Prunes for my Breakfast I have made a lot of friends since I have been here all of whom are very nice I believe that the time I have been here has been wonderful and I really do feel like I’m home. My dear sister Cis was a resident here for over eight years and went home to be with the lord on the 11th June 2008 at the wonderful age of 102. The Elms is now my Home. ‘Thank you all for having me’