The accommodation for 25 residents is based on two floors, upstairs has en-suite rooms and the ground floor has almost entirely single rooms, each with a wash basin and equipped with a 24-hour emergency call system. Staff are on duty . There are three lounges, a sun lounge and two gardens, the facilities include an on-site laundry service. Almost all rooms are at ground level; a lift serves the first floor.

Residents are encouraged to finish their rooms with small items of furniture, pictures and belongings which they may wish to bring to the home. Many of the rooms overlook the beautiful, secluded gardens. Breakfast, lunch and supper are served in the homely dining room. A mid-morning drinks and afternoon tea in the lounges.

Communal space

There is an interlocationing large and small lounge, and a further lounge leading into a sunroom that overlooks the garden, which is well tended and has seating. We have adequate dining room, bathroom and toilet facilities.


Visitors are always welcome. Activities include music and movements, handicrafts and outings, whilst choirs and entertainers are a regular feature. Annual events include the Open Day in the Summer, and the Thanksgiving Day in the autumn.